Can anyone help me to update my Chaintech Zenith 9CJS Motherboard?

I have downloaded the appropriate BIOS updates from their website along with the Award Flash Utility.

However when I try to flash my BIOS I get the following message:

'The program file's BIOS-Lock String does not match your system.'

Can anyone tell me why I am getting this message and how to resolve it as I need to install the updates to get my copy of Windows XP Pro with SP2 to install and work on my computer.

I know all the hardware is fine as I have installed old OS and everything is fine.

Tryied to email Chaintech but their help dept. just bounces back the emails. Have looked on the net for solutions but have just come across people with the same problems.


That sounds like an error message which could indicate either of two things:

* you've downloaded a BIOS update which is not really for your motherboard
* you've tried to install a BIOS update when BIOS is not at default settings.

If you're certain that you have the correct update file, reset CMOS and try again.