I have been trying to gather the info to puchase more memory which will be compatible with my mother board. I have a Microstar K7 Pro mother board, and as I understand it, I need to stay with the following specs.
PC100, 168-Pin SDRAM, configuration of 32x8, DIMM type: unbuffered, CAS Latency=2, low density, single sided, and non ECC. I previously posted a question regarding my finding PC133 in my computer after reading in the manual that it was PC100, and now know that PC133 will work, now I want to know if the above listed specs are set in stone. I would appreciate any and all help, new kid on the block. :?:

Hi dcc.

Just about any unbuffered, 'single sided' SD-RAM modules of up to 256Mb each should be fine in that system. PC133 modules will simply operate at 100MHz rather than the faster speed. They don't need to be CAS2. On the 'Advanced chipset' menu in BIOS setup, set 'Configure SDRAM timing by SPD' to "Enabled".

Having modules of the same make and model will be best. Mixing and matching memory modules from different manufacturers increases the risk of incompatibilities between one module and another.

Thanks Catweazle...dcc