OK just recently I was messing with my partitons on my harddrive and my computer messed up. Now I am trying to get my computer back to normal, but I'm having a little trouble. I rebuilt my computer, all I did was move around some of my harddrives and floppy drive, and reconnected everything. Now I have 3 harddrives, a 60, a 40, and a 30 gb. Originally I had it set up with my primary master as the 60 gb, and the 30gb was my secondary slave, and I had my secondary master as my cd rw drive.

What I decided to do was disconnect my 60 and 30 gb hdd's, and connect this new 40gb one I got form my friend. I connected it to my secondary slave, and if I get it working I will connect my others as 60-pri master , 30 -pri slave, and my cdrw drive the same, sec master. Anyways, now that I have my 40gb connected and nothing else, I'm trying to install windows on it, but first I need to format it, and I get an error.

It starts up normally, I have a Maxtor MaxBlast I think it is in my floppy drive to format my drive, but I get a system disc error. It starts normaly, and then it says 'Boot atapi cd-rom...' or something similar, and it gives me the system disc error(I think that is the error it gives me). Also when my computer starts up it doesnt detect the harddrive. It sees my cdrw drive, but not the harddrive. I'm not sure what is up with that. I don't know what kind of harddrive the 40gb is, my friend said it came with his old computer. And I'm also not sure if the jumpers are set right.

But I guess my question is - What do I do. How do I get it detected? Or is that even the problem. How do I go about formatting my drive, and installing windows on it? So yeah, thinks for any help you can give me, if you can understand what I need.

Is the system set to autodetect hard drives on boot, or do you have to enter the bios to tell it to autodetect?
Usually if you only have one drive you can't go too far wrong with the jumpers.

Check the top of the drive for information on proper jumper settings.
And set the hard drive as a master to the CD-RW drive. If you are using a color coded IDE cable set the jumper to 'cs' (cable select) and connect the black end of the cable to the hard drive and the gray end to the CD-RW drive.

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