I have a Microstar K7-Pro (MS6195) mother board in the computer that was given to me, and I had two goals in mind: 1st was to increase my RAM to 768MB, and 2nd was to install a DVD burner. I've found three new sticks of Kingston PC 100 for $120.00, that's not bad. The bad news is that with my current proccessor (AMD K86) it could take over four hours to burn a two hour movie, as I understand it. So rather than spend money on what I'm being told is now a relic, I'm now looking into replacing the mainboard with a bare bones system. What's the best bang for the buck...bearing in mind that I'm finacially challenged. dcc

dcc, if asking a question like this you should indicate just what your budget is, so that people can recommend components you can realistically purchase. You should also indicate what country you live in, because members at Daniweb come from all over the world!

Catweazle..in response to your suggestion..I live in the Northern California foothills, and I don't have a bench mark as yet to place a reasonable price on this prodject, but I would guess between $200. - $300.
belama..Newegg is another with good prices and a good rep., I was hoping for something more specific. I am a novice, and I don't want to build a monster, I just want to be able to run a CAD program and burn some DVDs.
Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it. dcc

almost any of those belama suggested could burn a movie pretty fast, I have an old FSB 700mhz and I can burn a movie in about 30min.-45min. These barebones kits are much faster than my old hunk-a-junk ;)