okay. i have a flash drive, and i keep most of my stuff on it. very recently, though, i went to my computer and plugged it in. usually, an icon appears on the desktop when i do that, but it wasn't there. so i looked at the equivalent of my computer, and it showed a 'USB Drive'.
i try to open it, but i get 'Unable to mount location'. i try a windows computer. there, it's like it doesn't even exist. i can't defrag it, and i look at the properties, 'File System:unknown' i also have a deadline, which is halloween, this year, so get back to me soon please?

you know what? either you guys have no idea how to fix it, or you're just being a**holes. it's alright, i missed my f***ing deadline, anyway. too much work for one dude in one month.

i'm not exactly that pissed, but i had a lot of irreplaceable stuff that wasn't backed up, and the only other flash drive i have keeps running out of space(think of this, i run on a budget of $0.00, generally). sorry for all my bitching, have fun without me.