I asked a question in another thread about bumping the PIII on an old Socket 370 board, but I'm also considering moving on up to a 478 board and going to a Celeron CPU.

Let's say I ditch the old PIII and old Socket 370 board with only 100mhz FSB.

I want to move up to a 478 board and a CPU around 1.4ghz or better. I can't find a barebones board ANYWHERE. They all come with either video or audio integrated. I wanted to use my old sound card and video card. I could MAYBE live with a board that had integrated sound- but not video. I gotta use my own video card- or maybe buy a hot new one with some more RAM as my old card only has 32mb of RAM. I do play some games on my PC, and run some digital video.

Where can I get a barebones 478 board? It doesn't have to have a 2ghz FSB or anything like that. I'd be happy with 400-600mhz FSB on the board and 3 DDR memory slots.

Would it be worth it to buy a bundled board with integrated audio and then pop a few $$ for the new video card?


I found a 478 board with all the slots and gizzmos that I need for under $50.

Found a P4 CPU 1.8ghz for $65.
Found DDR400 in 256mb sticks for $20.

So- for about $135--$155 I can go from a socket 370 PIII at 550mhz to a socket 478 P4 at 1.8ghz.

Bye Bye PIII

Guess the PIII and 440BX board are going to my dads machine. He's still on a PII- so my PIII 550mhz will be a step up for him.

I hate to bump old threads, but this aside I was suprised to find, the Dell C series laptops and 4000 Inspirons I gather, use the mobile version i440BX/ZX chip set for North/Southgates and Penium3 chips. I just started using these and am quite happy. Pentium 3 still lives!!
A c600 just sold for $360+ on eBay.... not typical but it had a disc burning drive included

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