Hey, im having a problem with my mouse, keyboard and monitor. Now due to me thinking at first its a problem with the motherboard i decided to make this thread here.

The problem specifically is simply all three dont work, well the monitor does but its left in standby so the screen is just black but i know its on because the power light, which is usally blue, is orange.

I tried un-plugging the keyboard and plugging it back in, the scroll/num/caps lock lights flick on and then off and thats all i get, which tells me it cant be a power issue same with the monitor, that cant be a power issue either.

The mouse just doesnt work at all.

Can anyone shed some light on this?
I cant do anything other than turn my comp on and off at the moment (im writing this from a different comp).

Any help would be much appretiated!

Generically, the absence of a POST screen pr beeps at boot up means that it's buggered. The CPU has to execute the ROM BIOS. If it can't, nothing can happen.

It can be anything on the motherboard that prevents the CPU from working or the CPU itself has gone. A power glitch can do parcically anything to a PC.

I'm surprised nobody else has ventured an opinion.

im jzt a newbie in terms of troubleshooting external peripherals but i think you better replace them than to spend time thinking to know what was the problem besides it doesnt cost that much.....anyway that was jzt my opinion

OK im back, well it turns out that it was the motherboard being knackered as i first thought, however this doesnt mean that the problem is solved. The computer has been to a PC repair shop and had a new motherboard fitted, as i understand all 3 Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor that the shop was using worked fine.

Now that i have the PC back MY Mouse and Keyboard work with it but my monitor is still left to standby, i just get "No Signal" then it switches to standby.

They said all the ports are fine and what-not, thier monitor worked with it, so that suggests that its the monitor not working doesnt it?

Anyone have any ideas?