The company I working for, fired its Graphic Designer and he remove all designs sources files and take a copy with himself to exchange them with money in future, Anyway His computer has 2 hard drive one his windows and personal files and the other one to store his source files, So i want to do a recovery to restore files on his second HDD I can see the second HDD in Device Manager and i can mount it using Ubuntu live cd, But since my recovery software must installed on a windows, at first I must do something to make HDD shown in "My Computer" so my recovery soft will find it and recover it, Do you guys know how can I make my hard disk to show in "My Computer"?

Thanks in advance.

You need to mount the drive (partitions) to be able to see them in My Computer.

To do so, follow these steps:

- Rightclick "My computer", Select "manage".
- In the computer management left pane select "disk management". On your lower right pane will appear all the drives and their partitions. On upper right pane you will see mounted and unmounted partitions.
- Find one that you need (unmounted ones don't have drive letter assigned to them) and rightclick it, and select "change drive letter and paths".
- In the next window click "add" and assign a letter to it, and you're done.