My monitor is displaying all kinds of funky colors. I can't view any pictures cause the colors are all jacked up.

What i've done & checked:
1)Checked pin's in Monitor Plug (OK)
2)Pluged into another computer (works perfect)
3)Repluged into 1st computer (same funky colors)
4)reinstalled driver (no change)
5)checked the port in back of computer (looked ok)....
a) i opened computer tower and seen that when u push the plug into the port its loose (kinda wiggles).
b)it looks like its kinda broken, when checking the other ports none of them move or wiggle.

Now i think the port/video card thats connected to the mother board is damaged from the monitor plug being pushed in to hard. Now can i fix this or do i have to buy a new computer .... and how hard is this going to be to fix? Or does someone else have a suggestion on how to fix this cause my computer works fine except for the display problems.... help por-Fav-eeer

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Drop it into a repair shop and see if the technicians there can repair it for you. The damage sounds quite serious and I'd strongly suggest you discontinue using the PC until it is repaired.

If the technician cannot repair the damage because the motherboard is beyond repair, then you will face the need to purchase replacement components or a replacement PC.

That is not damage I'd advise anyone to try fixing themselves!

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