I have recently upgraded the memory in a friends computer and now the browsers crash all the time and every once in a while the whole pc crashes and reboots. From what I can tell the motherboard is a pc chips M925 series p400. I had 256 of SDRAM and I upgraded to 2 GB of DDR. I changed the jumpers on the motherboard to the DDR settings but I am still having these problems.

I am thinking it might be an old BIOS version or perhaps the motherboard drivers but these motherboards are very hard to identify and I dont' want to upgrade to the wrong version of BIOS and screw it up.

Any help is appreciated

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I would suggest removing and re-seating the ram. When it crashes do you get any type of error message.

Found the trouble. There was an additional jumper on the motherboard for the voltage of the RAM. As soon as I changed the jumper, the problem was solved.

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