I have to buy a laptop for my friend. She's going to Cambridge university for some graphic designing course. Obviously, the university has asked for a high end laptop and 1.5 TB portable HDD.

firstly, would it be better to buy from here itself or buy from UK??
one of my frnd living there suggested me not to buy from uk as they are expensive there. Purchasing from india will be good. Anyone know the price differences??

I have a budget limit of 80K for both laptop and HDD. I would prefer dell and so far This is what i have selected. Its under my budget line and maximum possible config i can get. But i would to have Core I7-820QM Processor instead of Core I7-720QM(the default).But its not letting me customize that. Am i able to get that somehow ??

I was thinking of getting some christmas schemes. But they have none on xps series. Should i wait some more??

The default network card is Dell 1520 Wireless-N card, Should i change it to Intel(R) WiFi Link 5300 (802.11a/g/n) Half Mini-card. What difference will it make..

What about the prices of 1.5 TB portable drive??

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hi,no advice as i think you know more about what you want ans need than i do, but for most of your questions i think you could ask Dell when you call them to buy the laptop,for best answer !
Get a Mac best for graphics

You should think well before not sorry.
What resources you need.
From what budget you have.
The point is to take one performance that you can then add various

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