I had recently purchased a new computer that has SATA drives controlled from an onboard controller (ASUS board - not sure of the model). My previous computer had EIDE HDDs, and the mother board failed on that machine. I wanted to bring over an EIDE drive (Baracuda 7200) that is less than a year old.

I have been reading the other posts on this board about installing an IDE drive on a system that already has SATA drives, but can't seem to find the IDE drive in the BIOS. It does not seem to recognize it, nor am I able to find where I am supposed to make it search for other hardware. I did put the jumper on the IDE to 'cable select' before turning it on to enter the BIOS. I currently have American Micro Bios v. 2.61 on the ASUS board.

I am not sure the best course of action from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You should search your BIOS settings, or the documentation. Expand every setting that has to do with hard drives and controllers. I would expect that you would find it under something like Hard Disk Controllers and the choices to be SATA, IDE, Both. But BIOS GUIs are all a bit different.

Good Luck

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