I had recently purchased a new computer that has SATA drives controlled from an onboard controller (ASUS board - not sure of the model). My previous computer had EIDE HDDs, and the mother board failed on that machine. I wanted to bring over an EIDE drive (Baracuda 7200) that is less than a year old.

I have been reading the other posts on this board about installing an IDE drive on a system that already has SATA drives, but can't seem to find the IDE drive in the BIOS. It does not seem to recognize it, nor am I able to find where I am supposed to make it search for other hardware. I did put the jumper on the IDE to 'cable select' before turning it on to enter the BIOS. I currently have American Micro Bios v. 2.61 on the ASUS board.

I am not sure the best course of action from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should search your BIOS settings, or the documentation. Expand every setting that has to do with hard drives and controllers. I would expect that you would find it under something like Hard Disk Controllers and the choices to be SATA, IDE, Both. But BIOS GUIs are all a bit different.

Good Luck