Hi! everyone, I have Dell optiplex 330 Pentium 4 that will not power on and I need you peoples' help to diagnose the problem.

The issue is that, when I power on the PC, the power light starts to blink and that is all, nothing on the screen, no POST boot, it just freeze. I opened the machine to see if I can diagnose the problem but I can't believe what I'm think of.

This is what I did. when I power on nothing in the system works so I decide to remove the ATX 4 pin Pentium 4 connector on the board and power on and see. But this time there was power on the board and the DVD ROM and Hard Disk has power but no POST boot, I mean nothing shows.

Please can anyone diagnose the problem for me to Know what to do, since I'm thinking to replace the CPU.

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Do you get a sequence of beeps when you try to power on the machine?


Replace the power supply. I have seen this before on Dell's and they have detected a problem with the power supply and will not boot till replaced.

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