Hello. I have what appears to be a dead ATI 9800 Pro. The computer get's no video but does get post beep. The fan does not turn on the card at all. I tried different power connectors as well. The fan does not spin easily with the touch of a finger like when I first bought it so it appears the fan went out and the video card fried.

Anyone know how I can trouble shoot this a little further?

I figured the VPU would overheat and shut down if the fan went out so as to not damage it then a hard system restart after cooling down the VPU and resetting the system. I did not overclock this card as I didn't have to, it worked great. Help appreciated. :mad:

unplug your computer.
remove the card from the motherboard.
get a piece of aluminum foil lay it out on a table (wooden preferred)lay the card with the pins touching the foil,leave it overnight,next day re-install the card and check to see if it is working this sometimes works sometimes it doesnt but is a well known trick to bringing dead boards back to life.
Ive had it work on 8 motherboards in the past out of 100 or so,and several graphics cards.
if the fan isnt working properly remove it and replace immediatly prior to attempting to use the card.
good luck!