Yesterday my Toshiba laptop crashed, i pulled out the HD and plugged it into my desktop in an attempt to retrieve some data. To make space for the laptop HD I accidently removed the Desktop C: drive HD (mistaking it for another), when I plugged it back in I found that I couldn't boot up (missing hal.dll). No biggie, I only had Windows 7 32 bit installed a few days ago, so I do clean install thinking this will solve the problem... Well it installed ok but the setup could not detect the old C: drive HD. Now i'm in Windows 7 and the device manager can't seem to detect the old HD.

Any suggestions?

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Make sure you have the settings with the little tab on the hard drive set to slave and not set to master, I hope this helps.

Change Jumper Setting Of hard Drive.

the f drive of my laptop is missing

f drive is mostly for thumbdrive, do you have any data on the f drive?

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