Yesterday my Toshiba laptop crashed, i pulled out the HD and plugged it into my desktop in an attempt to retrieve some data. To make space for the laptop HD I accidently removed the Desktop C: drive HD (mistaking it for another), when I plugged it back in I found that I couldn't boot up (missing hal.dll). No biggie, I only had Windows 7 32 bit installed a few days ago, so I do clean install thinking this will solve the problem... Well it installed ok but the setup could not detect the old C: drive HD. Now i'm in Windows 7 and the device manager can't seem to detect the old HD.

Any suggestions?

Make sure you have the settings with the little tab on the hard drive set to slave and not set to master, I hope this helps.

Change Jumper Setting Of hard Drive.

f drive is mostly for thumbdrive, do you have any data on the f drive?