hi,i have hp pavilion 522n. 256mb memory, 60 gb, 1.8GH... its a pretty old computer. i just reinstalled windows xp pro on it. after using it for a few days, i found that its slow when i start to open big programs. for example, if i open a big download program or a game, then every thing else will get slowed. problems like computer freezing or the thing i clicked will come out after 5 minutes. i used emule program and it gets slow. can ne 1 help me? do i need to reinstall the windows or get new hardware? memory card,proccesor,or mother board any thing like that?

The Pavilion 522n, if powered by a 1.8GHz Celeron or thereabouts, is relatively low powered, and 256Mb of RAM doesn't help much as it restricts Windows XP quite a bit.

The use of file sharing software such as eMule makes things slow because your system is most likely uploading files in the background while you are trying to perform work with it. File sharing operates in both directions, remember.

Add more RAM is the first thing you should do. 256Mb is not adequate for efficient use of Windows XP. Then visit our Windows XP and Viruses, Spyware etc sections and get help with cleaning up temporary files and clutter from your system, and with detecting and removing internet 'nasties' from your PC.

cateazle nice to meet u again. can i go to walmart or circuit city or best buy and get some ram and install it my self? is it ez and wut type of ram do i need? 500mb or 1gb? how much would they cost? thnx

Hey Kaiking...it looks like you have two memory slots with a total capacity of 1GB of RAM. The other information you need is that it is 184-pin PC2100 DDR-266 DIMM

As to how much more do you need, I would add another 512MB. If both slots are full, that would mean that you have 128MB in each, so if you were to pull one and replace it with a 512MB module, this would give you 640MB which should speed things up. If you go to the link below you will find a Kingston, and a Corsair 512MB module for about $47 including shipping. I would suggest that you stick with one of these, or of equal qaulity.


There is another link you might want to check out, this one provides some good basics about memory, but also has how to information for installing your new RAM.


Also, if you do decide to go with 1gb(but 512mb should suffice) dont buy one stick of 1gb ram. You will have to buy two 512mb sticks of ram. Say, I was just reading and they say the new microsoft longhorn OS will be able to handle 128gb of ram? did I read the right? If so, that is nuts!

Agreed. Recommended are the budget or 'Value' lines from reputable manufacturers such as Kingston, Corsair, Kingmax, Geil or OCZ.

Other cheap generic RAM modules can have conflicts when different brands are mixed in the one PC.

It should not really matter if the RAM you get is PC2100, PC2700 or even PC3200. When used together all modules will operate at the speeds/settings of the lowest rated module installed anyway.

thnx, will go find some in kingston.

Yeah...but think nine foot flyrod and Tarpan, and the few extra miles start to seem worth while.

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