Hi everyone. A newby here still feeling his way around. I sense everyone here
is vastly experienced, supernaturally intelligent and just bursting to impart their accumulated knowlege. Er...could anybody give me a list of hardware so I can build up a real knock out pc for home recording purposes. I need to know the best and most economical choices for processor, RAM, motherboard, hard drive to get the optimum out of my sound card. Audigy Platinum Pro (the one with the external box for jacks etc).

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I'll move this to the 'motherboards, processors and RAM section for you, as that's the most appropriate place.

The answer to your question is easy. ANY recent system is going to be good enough for audio recording and editing! Just grab an affordable Pentium 4 or Athlon64 system, and ensure that the optional extras include plenty of RAM (at least 1Gb) and plenty of hard drive space. A couple of 120Gb drives (or better) would be great!

Save money on the system, spend the savings on the RAM and hard drives :D

Oh, and a nice crisp LCD monitor would be good too. You don't need anythiung but an entry level display card.