I'm trying to rebuild my Dell Dimension 2100 Desktop. I'm very computer illiterate. I want a desktop in addition to my laptop for when I go to college. I'd like for it to be pretty fast, have lots of memory, and be about as good or better as a new computer today. Also I'd like for it to have a DVD burner. I do have a budget of at or around $400.00 to work with. Please help me in my selection, and tell me what things I need to purchase and if possible where to purchase them from.

Hi WCH1086,
Your going to have to do a little detective work to see what hardware is already installed on your computer & what memory slots are available & what the maximum amount of memory you can load on the motherboard....etc.
The CD/DVD drive & additional memory USUALLY isn't a problem (& is in your budget)
You can see my website for a good overview of memory/RAM issues to help you decide.
Post back here for more help.. if needed.
Good Luck !! :D

Good luck with that. I tried to upgrade my Dell 2400 and it was impossible. I had no AGP slots the motherboard wasn't ATX. There was very little potential. You could build a much better comp. from scratch with that price range.