I have a Hp Compaq laptop and lastnight I shut it down before going to bed and this morning i wake up and it won't turn on. it's never done this before what can i do?

I have a Hp Compaq laptop and last night I shut it down before going to bed and this morning i wake up and it won't turn on. it's never done this before what can i do?

you could try ,removing the battery and power cord and holding the power button down for about 45sec to 1 minute ,then plug it back in see what happens

i have G60-380 US notebook.when i plug the charger lit there flicker.but i cant start the computer.can any one help?

@ caperjack hehehehe ... good ..

I have an MSI EX460 laptop. after i cleaned my laptop's heatsink/fan, the problem started. there is power, but no display. after turning it on, i couldn't get the function buttons to work, the laptop won't turn itself off when i press the power button again. i tried reseating the RAM after cleaning the pins with an eraser, interchanged their places, tried only 1 RAM plate, it still doesn't work.

Weirdly, before this, i was already cleaning another laptop regularly (once in a month) an MSI CX420, but this one does not encounter any of the problems i have experienced with the EX460. help? o.o

i have same problem with my HP laptop,

when i turn on my laptop the HP logo start up but after that HP logo for 1 second, then the underscore or line keep blinking and blinking for an hour. what i did is i insert hiren's bootable cd then set the 1st boot into a internal DVD/CD drive then select windows 7 start up, and its works fine.. but my brother didn't know that process. anyone can help to troubleshoot the laptop without Hiren's???
please help!

Mark Algreg Solina

I have an HP dv6 pavillion laptop that is just a nightmare to start. Ihave been taking out the battery to startit,a process that Isometimes have to perform several times. Lately I have to wait for m ocrosoft start-up repairs. Abouttt 2 days ago this machine just shut down without warning,sometimes restart by itself-Anu help please.
I think HP is still missing something cinsidering the posts that are on this site.

I have a HP TX2650ed (from the TX2000 series), and it has the same problems as mentioned above: When I turn the laptop on, the CAPSLOC/Numlock LEDs starting blinking, all the other indication LEDs turn on and the harddisk and the Fan starting turning. But the screen stays off (also a dualmonitor won't work). So the laptop won't boot. I have this problem for 2 months.

Please let us know if you have a solution for this problem!

acer laptop it runs fine for days turn it off then wont start back up reset bios still nothing did it about 5 times it booted but i got no mouse reset i get it all working then same again much help would be appriciated ive tested ram hard drive cpu cmos battery everything

Hi my laptop turns on but no screen and there is two flashing light blinking. One on the middle of left side and another on top right. Does this mean my hard drive died? Plz help me.

I have hp laptop nc6000 but it have problem when you turn on it not start up,so please help me

Thanks, Bill. My father's Compaq laptop quit and did nothing at startup. I follwed your directions:
Unplug the AC adapter and remove battery, pressing the power button over 15 seconds do not let go.
Then connect the AC adapter only and power on the laptop.

It's working now!

i have hp550 laptop, its not getting start. Quoted Text Herewhen i press start button the button light get blue for just a second than fan also gets on but than it jst get stop nothing on screen fan also doesn't work.... what i can do for this plzzzz let me know battery is new .

Switch it off remove the mains adaptor. Remove the Battery, The hard drive, the Optical drive, and the memory, reconnect the mains adaptor and try the power button. Hold it down for a few seconds withe power adaptor in.
If something different happens then add the memory back, followed by the hard drive.
Try connecting a screen to the VGA connector and see if it will light the screen, or see if the screen goes Black normally screens will be a shade of grey until they get some form of signal.

Hi Bill!
I desperately need your help! I have a Toshiba laptop and yesterday it quit on me! It will not power up completely, the LED light will not come on. I read your post and I tried unplugging the adapter and remover the battery, the pressing power. It seemed like it was going to power up but it didn't. it keeps trying to power up after I did that trick, but it seems to still be having issues. Help!

OMG BILL!! I have absolutely no idea who you are but I totally love you!!! IT WORKED!!! It finally booted back up! I'm sorry that I'm getting all mushy but I really need my computer! BIG HUGS TO YOU :-)

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