Hi my dell laptop will not start at all-with or without the power lead. Laptop wont even charge when lead is connected. Is this a blown fuse in the laptop?? Im not really a pc tech so I kinda lost here. Any help would be appreciated.

start with your power adaptor..cross my fingers that it's just your power adaptor..try to plug in your power adaptor to any outlet check if the power led indicator will lit up, if it will lit up then try to plug-in to your laptop and check whether it will work or not.
if the adaptor is working and your laptop still doesn't power on then it could be a motherboard problem of your laptop..

okey is it an xps much better if you can tell me first what is the model
if it is a brand new xps 1645 you need a 130 watts ac adapter

however take the battery out and plug a adapter direct to the laptop
if the led of the ac adapter is blinking it is a motherboard problem
how ever it would be best if you reseat some parts first and check
i nee to know some more details regarding the symptoms
or might as well email me ima technical support from dell