My Friend has asked me to build him a PC and given me £500-550 max to spend on it. I have limited experience building PC's having built my own one last year - which touch wood seems to be working just fine. He is mainly looking for speed (wants to run windows 7) and will be using it mainly for photo editing/webdesign using photo shop/dreamweaver (CS3) so RAM is also quite important. Given these requirements I have produced a draft specifictaion and would be intrested to hear peoples thoughts, as far as i can tell this spec should suit his requirements just fine.

I'd also be greatful if someone could advise me whether the components are compatible.. as its been a while since i built me machine.

specs are as follows:-

MB - Asus 775 P5Q Pro Turbo S/L 1600FSB

RAM - Corsair XMS2 4GB (2X2GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Dual Channel Kit

Processor - Intel core 2 Duo E8400

Graphics Card - Nvidia Geforce 9400Gt

Windows 7 Home premium,

He has already purchased a case with built in 500w PSU.

I would buy the motherboard and then use the manual to recommend each componant. Match up the FSB on your motherboard to the FSB on the processor. Match the slot on your motherboard to the pins on the graphics card you are going to buy too.