Hi Im Phil, got some problem here. I've got a processor which is quite old.. purchased last 2002. Intel P4 2.0G but the problem is I have to change my m/board and I have a compatibility issue before buying a m/board. Is this board ok for my processor? Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C iG31A/V/L/DDR2 800/4 SATA. Also, I have added here the exact board on gigabytes' site... http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Spec.aspx?ClassValue=Motherboard&ProductID=2961&ProductName=GA-G31M-ES2C...

please someone help me with my prob... also if you have any suggestion on what m/board I can use beside the model i've posted here... thanks in advance...

What socket number is your old motherboard?

DDR2 technology is 2-3 years old (sales-wize) and is in no way compatible with your CPU. Your only hope of getting compatible motherboard for that CPU is 2nd hand market.

im not familiar on what socket my m/board is... but is ECS PC Chips PC400... my Processor socket by the way is... I think its 478... Thanks for your help guys... Any suggestions on my prob?

Ebay is about the best place to find a socket 478 mobo.

No problem, just don't buy another PC chips one, they are renowned for failing due to the dirt cheap components they fit. If you want a reliable and quick mobo, go for Abit, if you want cheap and reliable, go for Asus (I use an Asus that was only £35 new and I'm happy with it).

oks sir... Ill be trying this Asus mobo... If you have any comments please do reply back.

Either the Asus P4P800-X or P4P800 SE... also ill inform you that I'll also be upgrading to a sata HDD.. so, ill be needing a sata in my mobo...

If your RAM fits, I say go for it.

Btw, what is the price? Only price I managed to dig up is $125 which was in 2004...

Thats way too expensive bro... Here in my country its only about $44. Also, my RAM is compatible on this mobo...

I agree.. for $120 you can get much better performance-wise motherboard, but it wouldn't match your CPU and RAM.

Anyway, that is really good price, and reviews for that motherboard are promising, so if your CPU and other parts are OK, I say grab one.

Absolutely... I will... Thanks for your help.

Bare this in mind:
SATA cables are EXTREMELY sensitive to a human touch (bare metal parts), so if you're not gonna use them, DON'T remove the wrapping.

oks... thanks for the advice... you're a big help...

Guys I have another question, If you would buy a mobo with my old processor... What would you choose? Asus P4P800-X or P4C800-Deluxe? Just saw the P4C800 Deluxe on the net... I think its much better than P4P800-X... What do you guys think?

P4C800-Deluxe is clearly better.

That should work fine. Socket number and FSB match up so....

Sir, I think we've got an issue problem with that mobo. On their site there's a list on upper right which has an option of "CPU Support List" I just saw it now, and I've checked it. And, the processor i've looked-up looks like isn't supported by the mobo. Please take a look at it. Does that matter?

The E5300 is listed there. Have a look in the 800Mhz FSB area, it's somewhere in the middle of that section.

oks sir, thanks. though there's still an issue that keeps me thinking about it... on the right side of the Processor model there's a note which is "N/A" on the upper part it says "Not Support". What does that mean? Coz I dont really understand that.

I am not entirely sure what that last column is all about but the fact the CPU is listed at all........

The only thing I can think of is perhaps they haven't tested the CPU's marked N/A.

No problem and best of luck. :)