I also posted this thread in the Windows NT/2000/XP forum, but I just wanted to post it here as well since it may very well be a hardware issue.

Hello all.

I've been having sound trouble with a newly built computer. About 2 weeks after it was built, the sound randomly stopped working after a restart. The following are the steps I have taken so far to try to fix it:

-Reinstalled drivers (and made sure the newest ones were installed)

-Checked "Devices" to insure that the audio device was detected

-Checked "Sounds and Audio Devices" in Control Panel to insure that audio playback was set to the correct device.

-Checked the volumes of the device, speakers, and master volume to insure none were muted.

-Tried using different sets of speakers and headphones to insure that the problem did not lie in the speakers.

- Tried switching the default audio device to another device (Virtual Audio Cable) and check if the audio worked through that source (it did)

-Uninstalled the device again, and restarted so Windows could automatically detect the device and install the drivers.

-Tried using the K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool to detect problems

-Completed Windows troubleshooting regarding audio issues (nothing worked)

At this point, I've pretty much tried everything I know. I'd really appreciate the advice of anyone who thinks they could have a solution to the problem. The computer has an ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU motherboard and uses the on-board VIA Audio device from the motherboard. Other system specs are:

-Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6 GHz
-Intel GMA 3100 Graphics Accelerator (256MB)
-JBL Platinum Series speakers (verrrrry old, but I've also tested with my monitor's speakers and with headphones)
-PCI Wireless Card

Please if anyone can help I would very much appreciate it!


Have you try to fixed the audio cable connecting the cd/dvd rom to the system ?.if not try it first and feed me back.ok.goodluck