HI I HAVE a sony vaio with 5400rpm sata and im a gamer i play games like crysis need for speed shift etc and the loading time is very very slow ...even though i am using game booster and diskeeper pro premium 2010 defragmenter i even close 'explorer exe' before playing games but still no luck the graphic card is direct x 11 5470 ati radeon the graphics card is great becuase ive seen videos on youtube ...my specs are i3.330m processor 4gb ram 512mb 5470 graphics and 4gb ddr3 ram ..all drivers are updated ..please tell me wat to do ASAP i'd be very grateful

Well 5400 is the slowest you can get, but even if you get 7200 the speed difference will be 10~15% max.

How old is your drive?

i just brought the laptop brand new from sony Vaio ...by the way what about the 10000rpm hard drives r they supported in laptops ?....this came up to me when i did a hardware check on windows 7 and it says .5.7 lowest score of all hardware ...rest are 6.2 etc

Hmm, Try using windows XP, Windows Vista and 7 are system hogs.

i just brought the laptop brand new from sony Vaio,
...my specs are i3.330m processor

but, you forgot to buy a gaming laptop, the i3 is a data processor /internet maching ,if you wanted to play intense games you should have bought the i7,i5 at least ,or a good AMD machine

i get what your saying caperjack ...i never bought this pc in the sense to play extreme gaming just for the odd game now and then ....plus ive seen people play on p4s .......im a student i cant buy i5 plus i tried with alienware and pcspecialist DONT give me a laptop on finance ...so i just had to go with from were i could buy 1 there is no problem with graphics all games work on very high direct x 11..but it lags sometimes ....should i just go with building a desktop ?...i have a microatx motherbaord plus amd athlon x2 processor my uncle gave me as a gift ..plus thank u guys LOL ...by the way finito i dont think new games support windows xp .

All games are backward compatible.

Crysis is a very graphic intense game and it was made before Vista ever came out.

I would go with the Desktop, they are cheap and easily upgradable and much easier to play games on Especially ones like crysis.

Don't have to buy and alienware there are many cheaper alternatives.

Microatx and X2 processor maybe a good choice, but I would suggest you get a full atx, micro atx are usually designed for normal minimal use.

i could sell my sony vaio on ebay but thats stupid because the cheapest alienware has intel core 2 duo which is £849 ...........
oh well im guessin your right ..i'll buy a full atx they dont cost much ..
can u tell me wat ram to get and a budget graphics card ...i kinda like the ati 5850 is that any good ?

I recommend you go with nVidia, ATI for all it's glory never stood up IMO.
If you want to show your brand loyalty go ahead with ATI.

What kind of RAM? what do mean what speed? well the fastest one you can afford!

Go to NewEgg and spend some time there. Once you have a build then you can ask opinions but remember the final choice is yours.

lol man thanks alot ur a real help ...i'll go there ...i heard the 5850 needs only 500w power supply ...but the nvidia gtx series requier atleast 650w i already got a 500w powersupply

well, if you can replace it go ahead, but 5850 is good enough, the thing is I hear they have alot of driver incompatibility issues, since most new games are based built for the nVidia, and ATI usually needs support patches.

As I said earlier the final choice is yours, you have be realistic you have a budget and you know what's best just take your time no need to hurry.

that is true ......u no the 5850 equivelent nvidia card ....is like £100 more (i live in the uk by the way ) ...i think its nvidia gtx 465 ...can u tell me the equivelent of 5850 ? thanks again

i dont understand seriously im confused ...the 5850 has ddr5 ram right ? and gtx 295 has ddr3 also its like £100 more ...why the difference in price

nVidia has a bigger market share and is much more well known then Ati. The common misconception is that Ati is crap. I talk about Business propaganda and what not, think about it when was the last time you saw an Ad from Ati?

nVidia is not better than Ati, it's just supported more. Do you understand what I mean?

Like Linux and Windows. Windows is not better than Linux. Linux rapes Windows on any given day but the misconception is that Linux is not user friendly and therefore not usable. Quite the opposite is true.

i got a random question bro does ...closing 'explorer.exe' help gaming performance ?

Well. I don't have any statistical data, but I think it does even if it's minimal.

The theory behind it is that since there is one less process running then there is more memory to run whatever else is running.

On a personal experience I would tell you that some games usually bug out when they don't find explorer.exe

i got a question is esata bootable ?...for running windows ?

Depends on your BIOS. There are seperate PCI and PCMCIA Card available that have boot capability. Not all ports have it, from what I understand.

I may be wrong on this.

I like where this threat started and where it has come.