I have a four year old e1705, when I hit the power, the power light goes on and stays on, the hard drive light goes on for maybe two seconds, then goes out. I get no display. The charging light will stay lit if I plug in the charger. When I touch the power button again, all goes off.

When I run the Fn/Power buttons together, the lights flash the "CPU error" code. I tried replacing a hard drive (same problem) and a processor (same problem). I have tried running it with no DVD (same problem).

I have a good battery.

When it failed, I never really noticed any abnormal behavior - it ran fine, a little slow because of all the junk programs on it. It is 1.66 Mhz T2300 processor, 80gb hd, 1g ram. It has been used a lot.

I am wondering if there is some sort of power supply problem (to the HD). Also, will the machine NOT RUN if the fans are shot? I haven't checked them, but I would think it would at least boot.

Any suggestions on where to start?

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hmm try taking out the battery and booting with only the wall charger.

Thanks for the response. Tried booting with only wall charger, still have the same problem. I'm starting to suspect the motherboard, but I am just sort of shooting in the dark. Wonder if anyone can help me.

The Problem is a short somewhere.

It could be anywhere. On a laptop it is difficult at best to figure out the problem.

On a Desktop You would take out everything and leave just the processor and Motherboard with the power supply.

If it boots you are GOLD.

now the question is how tech savy are you and are you prepared to do something like that.

Thanks for your response. I am comfortable taking apart anything with screws; I am not capable of doing component level soldering. I replaced the cpu, so I can get it down to there, I guess I could remove the motherboard and see if there is something causing a short that I can see. I don't have the savvy to trace all the electrical, but I can take it apart again and look for something under the motherboard. Any hints? Yes, I have done that with a desktop to find bad IDE cable or such, never with a laptop.

Well with the laptop, try and Remove whatever that looks like it can be removed. You should be able to get down to bare CPU, Heatsink and power.

No Ram, Harddrive, CD drive, WLAN, Bluetooth, and extra pheriperals.

Thanks. Tried to remove everything, RAM, hard drive, CD, WLAN, (no bluetooth), modem, still same problem. I was told that if no beeps on post when RAM removed, it is likely a motherboard issue. Will try replacing the motherboard and post results.

That is true when there is no beep with nothing on the board the culprit is either the processor or motherboard as they are the only 2 left running.

New motherboard didn't work. I think it is the graphics card, based on what I have seen on some of the other threads for similar problems with this machine. Problem is, the graphics cards are really pricey. I don't know what the problem could be other than the graphics card. I have replaced the cpu, motherboard, hard drive; tried removing all of the peripherals. AND, it looks like some other people have experienced the same problem and SOLVED it by replacing the graphics card. Feel free to comment further. I will let you all know if the problem gets solved.

How can you change the graphics card on a laptop?

It is in-built with the Motherboard

Not on this one, it plugs in to a slot on the motherboard. I have removed it. Check out the prices for e1705 graphics cards. Seem to be in big demand. There are other threads on other sites where this same problem seems to be cured with a new graphics card. Just need a plan to get a card at a reasonable price.

Ok so you removed the graphics card when you removed everything except for Processor and Heatsink?

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