I just bought a new graphic card for my computer. Its the Radeon HD 5750 1gb and before that one I had the Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT. After my dad replaced the graphic card I turned my computer on. And like 5 seconds after I press the turn on button I hear like 6 beeps from the computer, and the monitor wont work aswell, but there is light on my mouse and keyboard so I dont know whats wrong. Do you?

PS. I know my english isnt that good (its my secondary language) and also, Im kind of a newbie with these computer things so it would be greatly appreciated if you would write detailed.

Put your old video back in and boot the system, if it works ok then you know that the issue is with your new card (as it appears to be). If this works, research your computer system Brand and Model # to find out what motherboard you have. Once you know what motherboard you have you can search for "POST BEEP Codes" and should be able to find a list telling you what your beeps mean.

Other possible issues: You are switching from an NVIDIA based video card to a ATI based videocard. Did you make sure to UNinstall the old NVIDIA graphics drivers BEFORE you installed the new ATI graphics drivers?

Make sure that is ur card is connected properly if yes then replace ur new VGA with old when & then chek is that giving beeps again? If not its mean there is a problem with new VGA