my computer has just started to randomly shut down with no warning no blue screen nothing in event viewer although it is set to not restart and to write in event viewer.
I have cleaned all fans and all working well replaced the psu yesterday still the same problems
in the bios it is written
cpu t control 40c
system temp 30c
cpu fan speed 3199rpm
system fan 0 although all fans are working on computer 2 case fans cpu and psu
cpu vcore 1.26v
its a geoforce 6100sm-m mother board
amd athlon64 4000+ dual core
2 gb ram
windows xp
any ideas what the problem could be sometimes it can run for hours then keeps shutting down even does this on first start up when its been of for over 8 hours

Restore ur hardware & sofware configuration and then on ur pc and install antivirus if u dont have i u have then update it and use some gud registry like reginout it wil automatically fix ur registry errors and i hope ur computer start working better after doing all this!

hi, we really try to avoid chat/kiddie speak in help forums ,just for clarity ,thanks for helping