built my first comp.have biostar g31-m7 te mobo intel pentium 4 cpu 630 3.0 ghz 800 mhz 2mb spektek 2gb ddr2 ram,will beep continuosly without ram installed no beep or signal with it.monitor works with other comp fine.can some one help please??

Are you using the on-board Video, PCI Express, or PCI? If you are using the on-board video, remove any PCI or PCI express cards, the hard drive and DVD/CD data cables, and any other add-ons. This should get you down to Motherboard, Processor(with heat-sink compound, heat-sink, and fan) RAM, Power Supply, and case buttons connected.

Turn on the system and verify that it does a Power-On Self Test. At that point, it will halt without an OS. If you get a POST screen, put one component in at a time until it will no longer POST -- That's your offending component! If it will not do the first POST, read on...

If you have only one RAM module, re-seat it (take it out and put it back in); try to get a POST If and skip the rest of this paragraph. Next, you need to remove one RAM module and try to POST. If this fails remove the first and replace it with the second; try to POST ... you get it,, right? Now try each module in the other RAM bank.

Still no POST? Re-Seat the CPU, making sure it is oriented correctly. Put the heat-sink back on, make sure the fan is connected, then... You guessed it try to POST.

Don't connect anything to the system until it does a POST. When it does, Just add one component at a time until you find the component that keeps it from POSTing. Often, just re-seating things will be enough to get you going.

Let us know what you find out... If you never get a POST, let us know exactly what you see and hear. Beeping pattern? Lights? Fans (speeds?). Smoke? (joking, sort-of)

Good Luck

thank you for your assistance. beginning to think it is a ram problem.started over with just the mobo cpu fan heatsink and ram.still no post removed cpu cleaned reset reapplied thermal paste.no post.removed ram constant beep.reinstall no beep no post.

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