My cpu won't start when my main hard disk is plugged in, but when I took the power cord out of the hd the cpu started fine.

When the hdd is plugged in, the cpu will blink for like a second, then everything dies down.

Help please? :(

I have a serious problem, my 80 GB hard drive USB suddenly became undetectable by Windows. Freecom Classic SL I have a hard drive, I used it yesterday, I came home from school, turned on my laptop but I have a strange error message at startup, for some reason was in German, later translated it to me be something like default operating system, I am very concerned when I read it, but then I did not say that I have tried some things, but I finally disconnected the external hard drive and set it boots normally and when I connect I connected my hard drive back, I realized that Windows does not detect the hard disk.

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@shieri It seems your HD is causing a problem with the POST. Have you tried it in a different PC? (preferably one with a completely different motherboard) If it works, you most likely have a problem with your motherboard.

@telmatrezo I have some very sad news for you, and words of advice. Your hard disk has failed somehow. I know, it's sad, but that's the way it is. I guess it's the data recovery company now :'(, and those words of advice, please don't hijack posts, start new ones.

Just in case this helps. If it is an PATA (IDE with 40 pin ribbon cable vs SATA) check to see if the cable is upside down on one end. Normally the cable is keyed but you find some that are not. Pin one (the one with the red stripe) should be closest to the power connection and check pin one on the mother board. I have seen several times where systems would not boot with upside down cables.

UPDATE: The power cord extension got a bit fried--not totally, it still works when connected to other parts so I just wrapped it with an electric tape. The red coating melted partially but the wire inside seems fine.

The PC still won't boot when the hd is connected to the power cord (the cord immediately connecting to the PSU). When it's an extension, the cord gets fried. >__<

IDE cable seems fine though, when connected to the other HDD. I tested both pins.

thanks for the replies :)
i still need other answers as to why this is happening tho.

If you are saying that the cord get hot when you plug it into the HD, I have to tell you that the HD itself is fried. You are apparently experiencing a short. This can happen for a number of reasons, including a head crash, a component failure (a resistor or capacitor on the HD itself has shorted out), etc. I would suggest that you not continue to connect the HD to the system before you do further damage (like frying the MB).

Oh okay, I think that clears it up. Thanks :)

Is there anyway to retrieve my files from my old hd? :(

There may be a way to recover the files, but it would require that you send the HD to a professional service that will do a "STATIC READ" of the magnetic media. They are usually very pricey. I would suggest that if you have no pressing business need to recover the data that you just start fresh. Additionally, I would purchase a USB external drive, that you would use to backup the main drive on a REGULAR basis. This would preclude you needing to pay money to recover data should this happen again in the future. At today's market prices, this type of device would cost you less than $100, and save a lot of future grief.

Okay, thanks for your input. :)
Too bad there aren't any cheap recovery services. :(