Hi, i just bought a gf 6600 and whenever I try to play a 3d game(wow, cs, wIII etc) it either:

1. hangs
2. reboots
3. turns the monitor to standby mode
4. bsod with an nv4_disp.dll loop error

i have tried researching google for a solution with no avail. so far, ive tried 1. installing 60.x and up nvidia drivers.
2. tried a loopfix patch thingy
3. i also tried lowering the hardware acceleration and it still happens.

other than 3d games, it's fine. sometimes i am able to play for 2min before it hangs and i noticed that in random areas of the screen, it will sorta flicker/turn white/jagged edges things/particles. im beginning to think it's hardware related. is it? :eek: anyways, thanks for the help!