Hey guys,
I awoke the other day to find my PC with a black screen saying "insert boot disk then press any key." I tried restarting the PC and it a attempted to do a CHDSK scan, which i allowed to scan. After the scan it gave the same error message followed by:

PXE-E61 - Media Test Failure - Check Cable
PXE-M0F - Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

A friend of mine looked at my hard-drive and assumed maybe its burned out but at certain time if i skip the scan I'm able to login and use the PC however, when transferring files to my external HDD or after awhile of use i get a blue screen error and it reboots. I don't quite understand what's going on or how to fix it but could anyone be of some assistance? Thanks in advance.

Also I'm running a gateway PC running windows vista (32 bit). I don't have any recovery disks but i have the OS disk and Vista upgrade disk which came with the PC.

..hi there!..try to replace a new cable to your hard disk drive..or, go to BIOS settings, find the BOOT PRIORITY HARDWARES..make your hard disk drive as first bootable drive..if the issue still continues, i think the problem is already in your OS..you can reformat or repair it..don't forget to back up all your datas!..i hope it helps!..^_^..