My logitech mx300 mouse keeps freezing on my screen whenever I download music, then i have to reboot my computer. I used LimeWire,Morphous,iMesh and when I DL 20-30 minutes in or 10 min into DL or not at all sometimes my mouse freezes and my whole computer the same,then i got to reboot and start over. I never know when it is goin to happen! I dunno what the problem is, I tired another USB port and it still happen. Anybody have an idea!!!!???

p4 3.0Ghz HT
2GB DDR pc3200
ati 9600se 128mb
sound blaster audigty 2
80gb seagate hd
windows xp home edition

help! :!:

I don't think that your problem has anything to do with your mouse. It sounds like you have either a major system problem or a really dirty (full of spyware, viruses, and other junk) system. The files that you can access through P2P networks are full of programs that will infect your system with every type of trojan and backdoor program known to man. Most files are also infected with a program that will copy itself to every file that you are sharing, so if anyone gets a file from you, they just got the infection as well. I recommend that you cease using those programs immediately since just about every file can be contaminated, music files are not safe from infections anymore.

You need to cease using those sharing programs and uninstall all of them. Essentially, you are using a combination of programs that will infect your system moments after you start using them.

After you remove these programs, follow the clean up and optimize guide that I have linked to in my sig. I will warn you now, you probably have a severly infected machine. It could take you a full day or multiple days (depending on your level of knowledge about system maintenance) to completely clean your machine. If you do not have much knowledge about system maintenance, I recommend that you backup whatever files you wish to keep, format your drive, and reinstall from scratch.

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