hi ,

been wondering if i can use more than 1 psu in my new rig ? i have found a thing called a lian li interlink cable on the net for use when using more than 1 psu . only problem is that going to the lian website does not give me any more info . than the picture of the product or especially how to use it to set up more than 1 psu .

im currently building a rig for my 7 year old son and managed to buy a demo/display box from my local pc shop - it has bold letters on the front made of aluminium with a light mounted behind it so when on it makes the word - " gigabyte " realy light up . i am still thinking of adding some more lights and as many cool gadgets to it as i can but that is where my concern comes in with 1 psu . i have a gigabyte board socket 775 with a quad core 2.66 cpu and a new nvidia gtx470 gpu in it and its running off a gigabyte odin 585 wat psu currently - will this have enough power to keep the system stable then ? i dont usually add any lights or fans with iluminisation to my main gaming rig as i find it irratating on my eyes after a while but i reckon my son will love it if it has so much lighting and cool gadgets in it !

also id like to maybe one day move my radeon 4870x2 gpu to this box and i think it might be much more power hungry than the new dx11 nvidia or readeon cards available nowadays.

thanks in advance for any advice ,

radeonman .

great thanks for the info . indeed its just a main 24 pin main section where your main psu plugs into with a extra 24 pin header with black and green to start up a extra psu when you switch on your sysytem - rather handy when you have a spare psu lying about .