hhey guys , I keep getting computer freezes and crashes when i paly video games. I have winodws 7 , I also have a new HP P533 with 3.0 gig athelon II and 5 gigs of ram and an hd 5570 ATI Radeon video card with 1 gig ddr2 ram. not to exclude a 600 watt Antec power supply that is 80 plus certified.. My new hp came with windows 7 , but it also came with hp system tooms to check my hardware . I even have a video card stress tester.
Anyway, I put my computer thru all the necessary checks including bootscan and virus scan , memory check , video card test dxiag check etc and all the test passed. even the harddrive check passed . but still when I play video games like call of duty 4, bioshock, far cry 2. left 4 dead 2 and a ffew other new games. help! I am AT a loss for what to do .

make sure you have all the latest chipset and most importantly VIDEO CARD drivers installed and up to date. also, check that you video card's fan is spinning at all times and spinning faster when running 3D games.

those are the general points of advice but i must also point out that in your case you have a very UNDERpowered video card for these games. try running them at the lowest game resolution, with all of the extra features (like v-sync, AA, etc) turned off. if that doesn't cut it get a real gaming card.

what is your budget?