Hello all, I have a Alienware m9700 Dual Video cards/Dual Hard Drives/2.4 ML-44 Processor/ 2GB Ram. I was replacing the old LCD with a spare one when I saw a small spark under the inverter. When I turned the laptop on it booted just fine but no image on screen. I thought that the inverter might of went so I bought another (off ebay) and put it in. Again on start up all things worked fine but no image on screen. i then bought a new LCD (off ebay) and put that in. On start up I got the same results everything starts and chimes fine but no image on screen. I noticed that if I shine a strong light through the lid I can see the icons on the screen and again the computer is fully functional, however I just can not figure out why the screen isn't lighting up?? If anyone has had this happen, how did you get it to work??? What would your next move be?? This computer is spotless and I hate to see it die. :'( Thank You for any helpful comments.

Just a Quick update. I tried the power button without a battery to discharge any excess power but still nothing. I am using it right now with no LCD. The external monitor and base work great. I guess I might have to bite the bullet and go to a comp shop. Bummer :'{

I think its your system problem. I suggest you to join your laptop with the external laptop and check it is working or not. If still you are getting the same problem that reinstalled the system.