Sorry didn't know where to paste this problem. Please help! My internal LAN card had a problem so I opened up my computer. I tried to clean up the computer. After that I started my computer and then the computer suddenly turned off due to loose power supply wire. Now my computer boots up to the section where the windows XP starts. When the windows is to start a blue screen comes up but instantly restarts. Also when I tried to use a live windows cd to start the computer the computer comes and shows acpi controller problem. It says that the BIOS doesn't support the ACPI controller. It says that the BIOS needs to be upgraded. My BIOS is of Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG. Please help. Also if I have to upgrade my BIOS then how should I do it. Thank you very much in advance.

Love and Peace,
JK Shakya.

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Have you tried to boot your PC in safe mode and restore to an earlier restore point?

That is really confusing, but I think it is all about PC BIOS.
Try to enter BIOS then search for Power options, or ACPI, anyway You can find options look like: sleep S1 or S3, Try to change it to S1 and save. Don't worry this will not harm your PC.
Or you can reset your BIOS by choosing "Load Bios defaults" from main page.

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