Hi guys.

Here is my problem.

I both a laptop from USA and currently I'm leaving in Denmark. The laptop seams to work fine most of the time but from the moment I start to do something more intensive whit it like play a game, the laptop starts showing me that the charger is being plugged in and plugged out constantly. If I remove the battery and just use the charger there is no problem and if I'm just with the battery it is still ok. The laptop works also fine with bouth when I'm doing normal stuff like email, music and movies. I'm worried that that switching on and off might lead to a bigger problem.

Ou and as I sad I leave now in Denmark so no warranty coverage. What do you suggest I do.


Is the little icon in the bottom right doing the on and off or is it the light on you laptop that lights up when plugged in? Also do you us surge protector? Clean power is always a concern when traveling. A surge protector is a must.

Let me know what you've done so far as this post is almost a month old.