Ive got a Toshiba L300 series laptop, model #PSLB0C-07N08C running Windows 7. About a month ago, my computer showed a big red X on the battery icon, and recommended changing the battery. The model number of the battery was PA3534U-1BRS.

As a result, I went looking for a new battery. A friend of mine who is good with laptop batteries gave me a battery with model #PA3533U-1BRS, suggesting that it should still work on my laptop.

I tried using the new battery, and for 3ish weeks, the laptop enjoyed up to 3hrs of battery life on high performance, and the battery was perfect.

However, for the last week whenever I try working on battery about 45mins in(with mid60%'s to low 70% worth of battery left), the computer abruptly shuts off. No warning, just turns off completely, not even hibernation. When I try to turn it on again, it wont turn until I plug it in, and when its plugged in itll show around 68-72% charge, what I thought was left.

Why isnt the battery discharging fully? Whats wrong? Is there a driver that I should ut in? Or is the battery itself just bad? Any ideas?

God , You Should Not Use The Battery Model That Is Not The Same As Yours , Same As Canon And HP Cameras.. You Put The Canon Battery Into The Hp Camera , It Would Spoil... I Have 2 Suggestions That You Could Use To Help Your Computer... Either Call Your Service Provider (Toshiba Number : Could Be Found If You Search In Google) Or Either Try Plugging In the Battery That Is Spoilt... I Think The Connecter Did Not Fit In Properly That's Why Your Battery Did Not Charge Fully.. Maybe When You Move Your Computer , The Battery Might Losen , Why Not Try To Shake your Battery And See If It Moves ... If Not You Could Put A Sticker To Make It Not Shake That Much ... This Is My Only 3 Opinion... I Have No Other Ideas..

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