i have been thinking about getting an portable hard drive for my laptop as it fulled of game and and stuff and is now running slow i wanted to know is there a portable hard drive you can put game on it like sims3 ond sims2 or is it not posable any help would be good.

i need help i went to a pc shop today and they just didnt seem to know eather

haha yea it is possible to do it. But gettin an external wont make your laptop faster. And your laptop must be kinda new to run sims 3 as its a high end game for a laptop.

So in a nutshell. If your laptop CAN run sims2/3, then your laptop CAN run sims2/3 on an external

I realize this is an old post but you really didn't get an answer. Yes you can change the destination of almost any application you install, by using advanced installation. But beware if you install it on a removable media, every time you run that game/application you have to make sure you have the flash drive plugged in before you launch. How big is the hard drive in your laptop now?

I would recommend getting the external hard drive you mentioned and move your and large items/non-applications to that drive to free up room on your local c or d drive. Common items that might take up a lot of space would be Movies, Music, Pictures, or you could uninstall old games you no longer play too.