ok so the other day i spilled pepsi all over the right half of my mom's netbook. now the keys are sticking. i wiped it all off right away but these keys stick (j k l ; n m , . u i and space) i have no idea how to fix this and i don't wanna tell my mom cuz im not supposed to have pop in the room or near the computer for this reason. i tried sticking a damp (not dripping?) paper towel down the gaps but while it worked for a little while it started sticking again. is there any way to remove the keys or is there an easy solution where i don't have to enlist professional help b/c i am broke. any response would be great.
thank you.
i need to fix this asap.:$:S

google the brand and look for how to lift the keyboard and clean it from there

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the model is sony vaio vpcw111xx pcg-4t1L(netbook)
cant find n e thing online thats why i posted here

its looking like im gonna have to pay for it. i really need some help on this

actually the computer is a SONY VAIO W Series VPCW111XX/P Pink Intel Atom
and it is also sticky on the bottom near the front no where near the keyboard

get a screw driver and take it apart. Make notes as you take it apart so you can put it back together. Once you have the keyboard removed from all circuits, you can wash it off as needed.

I've never taken a laptop apart, but if you are able to remove the keyboard from the laptop, you shoulnd't have any issues with submersing it in water.

ive read about it. apparently some guy said to use distilled water cuz it was closest to what they use in the factory. but ive never done this before. i mean i have a fair level of mechanical inclination but seriously is there any one who can point me to a step by step with pictures for this model. or even post a step by step w/o pictures would be greatly appreciated. please and thank you

i already read that. my computer doesn't look like that and doesnt have that thingie on the front of the lapper
here is a link for what my computer is and looks like

put some 91% alcohol in a mist spray bottle, then spray and wipe, spray and wipe...

put some 91% alcohol in a mist spray bottle, then spray and wipe, spray and wipe...

and that wont ruin any of the electronics inside the computer?
i am assuming that it should be off when this is being done then

oh and should i mix the alcohol with water or not

most certainly DO NOT mix any water, just 91% alcohol (not even 70%), and don't let it sit there and soak into your machine. just spray on a mist of it and wipe it right off. that should get rid of the stickiness.

and yes, do this with the machine OFF.

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