Recently I purchased a 750a sli xfx motherboard. Also purchased a 125 TDP x4 3.2 ghz phenom processor to go in it. My question is that it stated that it would run this processor and I have checked several sites stating that it would. I have tired the easy overclock feature and the bios overclock feature and can not get the processor to go above 800 mhz. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks finito just flashed the bios late lastnight and viola it worked and it is running awesome thanks and appreciate the tip.


Sorry for the Delayed Response in that case.

Can you please mark as solved.



Ok, sorry I wasn't trying to say anything bad I was just happy that it went without a hitch and I just waited till late so I would have as much internet bandwidth as possible. I got your suggestion about 10:30 yesterday morning. But thanks again.


I didn't receive any ill intentions, on the contrary I am happy you solved your problem yourself. That is the best feeling there is I dare not rob it from anyone.

I just wanted you to mark it as solved for anyone else with a similar problem.


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