I just replaced a fried hard drive, I don't know much about computers, but this is what happened. With the old drive a got a fatel error blue screen, replaced the hard drive, and now it's a black screen that reads Primary drive 0 or 1 not found. Hit F1 to reboot, or F2 to run set up utility. I have tried everything in setup with nothing working. Any ideas?

Hard drives are supplied blank. You need to install windows on it!

It's not reading the disc goes straight to the black screen. Tried F11 and that does nothing.

F11 wont do anything because the hard drive is blank!!! F11 would have taken you to your recovery partition which was on your original hard drive. Your new hard drive, being blank, will not have the recovery partition on it.

You need to insert your windows installation CD and install from that. If you don't have a windows installation CD then you will need to buy one!

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You also have the option of Linux :)

F11 is not always good option if drive not found.

If you are sure that the new hdd is connected properly in the socket, then it sounds as if your onboard hdd controller is fried.

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