Every so often my computers connected by ethernet cable or wireless to a new Cisco Valet router stop connecting to web sites with the message in Firefox "Server Not Found/Problem loading Page" problem only started when I added the router. Problem resolves temporarily every time I reboot the router. After a longer or shorter time the problem reappears.

Is there a better forum for this post?

Is the router set to DHCP or static IP? You also need to check if there is any IP address restrictions on the router!

It is not unknown for routers to freeze, or even to overheat. They freeze because software calls are conflicting, they overheat because lack of ventilation. They also do not like power surges or mini power cuts. Any of the above can give the symptoms you have.

routers are basically a switch. They direct the incoming and outgoing electronic messages to the computers either side of the router. (either by internet or by networks)
So they also have a protection against overheating (like they switch off to cooldown) and they have firewalls to stop nasties getting in. See RIK above about the addressing and DCHP etc to ensure that the computers (behind the router) can actually be used by the 'home' computers / network. Each router normally has its own address and the computers must be able to see these.
It is also possible that whatever browser you are using cannot respond to the router. this may be because you have a firewall on the computer that has not been allowing access to the router. It may be that your hosts file has inadvertantly got the address of your router in it and cant respond. It may be that you have dodgy cables or wireless connections. Any interuption in the flow of data will probably cause the router to be upset and stop.(including intermittant electroinc faults in the router... swap with a known good one and see if there are any differences)
It is also possible that the configuration of your browser (eg privacy / security controls) are stopping web pages from appearing.
It could also be that your router has not got the latest updates and is struggling with older software; (use device manager to see if there are any problems)

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