Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I had been using my slightly older HP laptop (Windows XP) to scan and crop a few photos and had left it idle while eating dinner. When my wife later moved the cursor on the touch pad to awaken the machine, she saw the screen go black and heard the fan shut off. The machine has since been completely unresponsive when I press the power button.

I tried powering up with the battery removed, but no luck. I then reinstalled the battery and disconnected the power cord, but no combination made any difference. Nothing happens when the power button is pushed. Nothing lights up and no sounds are heard.

Shortly after, we noticed several digital clocks in the house had reset, as if the power had surged or was interrupted (although the lights did not dim or flicker). Could a power fluctuation damage some part of this machine (protected by two cheapo power strips)? What would be the most likely affected component that I should replace?

If it has an Nvidia graphics chipset then that's most likely what's gone wrong. It is down to poor manufacturing quality. I have persoanally repaired 9 HP laptops all with the same fault in the last 6 weeks.

The Pavilion DV range seems the worst (but not the only) range affected.