Hi everybody,

I have a sony vaio VGN-NW 130D and it turns off by itself,

it does one of two things every time I move it even a slight little bit;
- It completely turns off (no warning, no proper shut down) and the power to it goes, after about 5 seconds the power light turns off and then it starts up again. This occurs when I move the laptop lid (smallest movement causes it), or push harder (still not hard at all) on the keys on the keyboard. It also happens with any movement of the laptop itself.
- The screen freezes, the power light stays on (it's been on overnight when I left it), but the hard drive light turns off, there are no sounds, no mouse movement, the disc drive stops, everything basically. This occurs when I apply pressure (to click with thetouch padd buttons) on the front half of the laptop, and sometimes (not often) when I pick it up/move it.

It is deffinately 100% not overheating. It cuts out seconds after starting up (if I move it then), I've taken the bottom cover off to clean it with a can of air (I thought it was dust build up) but there was no dust anywhere inside.. and besides, it doesn't even get hot

I've installed all the latest drivers from the Sony website and product/program websites recently.

anyone please that can help me with this issue?.
If you need any more details, please just say in your answer, I'll add the details and then come back and edit your answer.

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Thats a hardware problem. If you don't feel that you are up to stripping the thing apart yourself then you will need to take it to a professional!

yes I agree it's a hardware problem. I m trying to fins what's exactly the problem to see if I can fix it.
in my opinion it's either the CPU or the hard-drive that is not connected correctly to the motherboard.
so if someone can give me a suggestion or advise me. it will be really appreciated.
thank you guys.

possibly short circuit occurring... might be problem with keyboard itself (that should be a CRU) or it could be something located directly under the keyboard.

Hello, I have the exact same problem with my sony vaio, did you ever find the solution to the problem and did you manage to fix it by yourself?


I've had the same thing for several years with my old Vaio (though a different model), and read since on the web it seems quite common (Google search on "Vaio hang" returns the usual flood of nonsense but filtered out over half a dozen cases of the exact same symptoms for all different models on just the first few pages).

What I've found is that
1) the machine will hang some 5 minutes after initial boot of the day
2) after that continue running until some time after midnight, at which time it hangs again
3) see 1 :)

Now the weird thing, which might point to the problem:
When I tried to load Ubuntu 11 on the laptop, the installation went without a hitch, but on first boot it failed on a battery check and hung there every time, irrespective of whether a battery was installed or not.
This I think indicates a problem with the loading circuitry. Of course mine is long out of warranty so I'm probably not going to pursue getting it fixed as this would probably be more expensive than replacing the machine with a more current model (in fact the problem didn't start until some time after warranty had ended, as usual).

Reinstalled from the recovery CDs, ran system diagnostics from the recovery partition, found nothing out of the ordinary (but it only checks hdd and ram).

Hi there fellow laptopers.
I am generally apple user, however I love any kind of good tech and always admired sony laptops.
My girlfriend had same problem as you guys and I thought the problem was in accumulated dust, I cleaned laptop thoroughly and realised problem wasn’t in dust as there wasn't that many of it inside. So the problem must be in some loose connections.
All cables are tight so problem shouldn't be there.. while having computer disassembled after cleaning I saw that 'trusted platform module' is quite loose so I took some quality double sided tape and applied it carefully on IC and reconnected it gently pressing and fixing it to the place. I assembled computer further and checked how battery is behaving if I take computer from right side. If you do it yourself you can see that battery contacts are getting further apart if you lift computer from right side. So I applied double sided tape there as well covering as much area on as I could (there are some see through areas with cables which I decided not to cover as it would be hard to remove tape in future and i could damage some cables) I fit the battery carefully and stick it to the tape and Victory everything is smooth now :)

quite stupid design flaw in such machine but you can fixed easily with help of GOOD double sided tape or i guess you could place a layer of thick paper between the lid and battery so you create pressure on the battery from opposite side what will keep contacts tight

thanks for attention

it might be that a wire connecting to you motherboard is loose

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