Hi All,

First I'll give you the specs. Its a brand new computer I am building with all brand new parts.

AV3A XFX 650i SL Ultra
OCZ 1 GB Dual Channel DDR2, 2x1024mb, PC6400, 800mhz
PD925, 3.0Ghz, 4MB cache, 800FBS, Dual Core Socket 775
WD 320 Serial Hard Drive
Sanyo Serial DVD Burner
Thermaltake 2500rpm Alum Heatsink
Ultra Connect 500 Watt PS
19" Monitor I've used over a year with another computer

I hope I didn't leave anything out. I have built computers as a hobby for family and maintained them. There have been about 60 and I have never had much trouble. With
this MB I got a 4 page sheet about 4"x4" and that was it. No book no anything so I know it should be easy. Got the computer all together and it won't go past the XFX logo screen. It freezes so I can't do anything in the CMOS or get at anything. I have replaced (to diagnose)most all parts (including PS) with known working parts even though everything is new and its the same result. I have checked and rechecked the front panel connections till I'm sick of it.
The very first time I got it to the post screen but it froze just before getting to showing the memory check. After that I took it back down and have never gotten past the Logo screen. Anyone help? I'm desperate. I don't know what else to try. I'd really appreciate any help or to hear from anyone thats had this problem.


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hey Bernie this is zxor 1 a technical guru .. sounds as if something is not set righ5t with the conditions of your gear...disect the entire system and re do ..make sure all ( if any ) jumbers on this board are set first ..then check the jumbers on the drives if two masters are set i know will cause to hang or freeze as you say...good luck

zxor 1

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