Kindly help me!

I borrowed a cd writer from a friend and installed it on our drive replacing my cd rom. when i returned my cd rom in its place after mins without using the writer -- it was able to read the cds but as i click on the d: drive it doesn't want to open though the name on the cd was appearing on its label on the d: drive.

I double-checked the hardware connections to the cd rom and it was securely connected... I've done a lot of restarts to read the connections but nothing happened, it was still unable to open. I right-clicked the d: drive and open and explore or even searced but the contents of the cd won't just open/show.

I needed your help urgently. So pls...! A many many thanks to you!

Try resetting your BIOS defaults and clearing your NVRAM. Depending on the model of motherboard, you will probably have to hit the <DELETE> key to get into the BIOS. Also, there should be a jumper on your motherboard that clears your BIOS settings. On mine, it's labelled JP1. Check your system's documentations to see if you have the option to do this.

my d drive won't open, now what?

my d drive won't open, now what?

We prefer that you start your own thread and not piggyback your queries on someone else's thread.

Regarding your post, can yo uprovide more details? Is D: drive your CD Drive, a Hard Disk partition?

my d drive won't open, now what?

This almost always works. Turn your computer completely off, and then, very gently push a paper clip into the small hole on the outside of the drive, right under the disc tray. Push it in the whole just enough to where the tray starts to come out, then pull it open, take the CD out, and close it. Now restart your computer. Your D: drive should open with the button once again. Tell me if it works.

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