I wanted to know what is the reason that different versions of USB have different speed though they more or less follow the same protocol(by protocol i mean that they have effectively same overhead). For example in the case of full speed and high speed USB max data that can be transmitted in a frame are 1023 and 1024 respectively but they have a considerable difference in their speed(which are 12 Mbps and 480 mbps respectively). Can you also please tell me the reason for the dramatic increase in speed of super speed USB.

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It is all down to chip speed development really. The earlier USB 1 ran at the speed that the chips could handle, same with USB 2 and USB 3.

i know that speed handling capacity of chips has increased but i want t know the exact process. I mean that in full speed USB and high speed USB max length of data packets are 1023 and 1024 bytes and a frame is sent every 1 ms. So how come they have such a dramatic variation in speed?

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