Here's the story, so today I decided it was about time to clean my computer out of all the dust so I unplugged everything and proceeded with doing so. After replugging everything back in the speakers had stopped working. I tried a few things in a attempt to solve it such as:
- Putting in all audio jacks.
- Plugging in headphones ( Which actually gave me sound through the headphones, however still no sound through speakers)
- Tried putting all the sound up to max.
- Restarting the computer.
- Disabling audio drivers and re-enabling and restarting computer.
- Updating sound drivers.

All that and still nothing I am here to ask you if you can help me figure this out or tell me to buy a new set of speakers.
Thanks in advance

PS: My speakers are Logitech LS21 2.1 Speaker. I also have windows 7 32 bit

The audio out socket is usually coloured green.

I know and I have had it plugged into that and all the other jacks and still no audio from the speakers however if I plug headphones into any of them I get sound from them.

In that case either your speakers have had it or the cable has had it.

Yup what Rik said could be true. Have you change any sound settings. Maybe you change the sound output settings thus you can't hear any sound. Go and reset the sound setting to default and tell me whether it work.

Well I have tried various things as I listed and help from various members of other forums. I don't know if this is a indicator of the death of the speakers but with the volume control there is usually a green LED light when the speakers are on, however with mine there isn't in either on or off settings.

The fact that you get sound from your headphones but not from your speakers is what makes me think that the speakers are at fault here. Try them out with something else like a MP3 player or mobile phone to see if they work independently of your computer.

If your mp3 player works fine something is wrong with your speakers. If the both the mp3 player and mobile phone you are still not be able to hear any sounds something is downright wrong

Well I just plugged them into my ipod and nothing happened didn't produce any sound... So I am assumed they are pretty much screwed

I have some what made some progress I think one of the cables was just a tiny bit loose because now it is supposedly on and the green LED light is on, however I just recently retried plugging them into my front headphone jack and they worked but when I plugged in to rear audio jacks I get a sound but no sound is produced. So what could be the problem with the jacks