O.k I am stumped please help,

I have installed a 2nd dvd burner into my machine but when i go to use it I get the message "please insert disc in drive", I Have unplugged it, restarted the machine , then plugged back in, Unintsalled the device also

But the really strange thing is i put a DVD ROM in my daughters machine at the same time and she has the same error, her cd rom works fine still and my 1st dvd works fine too

Any help would be great thanks

Jumper configuration? Did you plug in while pc was turned off?

Hi Yeah both are set to slave and both installed while while off, both were getting new equipment in them so on dining table

Mine had a pci card installed to take the second dvd as well a dvi vid card, main board IDE has master HDD and working DVD same IDE cable

Daughter got 2nd hard drive, new ram, and dvd player everything else is working fine, she has 2 ide slots on board, two HDD on one cable and cd & dvd roms on second cable

hope extra info helps, someone suggested the reg value mihgt be wrong but do not know how to change it

Ok, you have to set one device on ide to master and one to slave or both to cable select. The master device should be on the connector closest to motherboard and the slave should be the furthest. This is for the same cable of course. If you have both set as slave on the same cable it may not recognize.
Also, there is a primary master and slave for the main ide slot and a secondary master and slave for the other.
it sounds like you might need to set your jumpers and then check your bios when you start up to see if it is recognized. If it is, then go to your control panel and add/remove hardware, click next and select allow to find and install.

Im sorry if this dont help but its the only thing i can figure with what info i have.

Hi Thanks for the help, the devices that are not working are set to slave and cables are inserted correctly, will have a look at the bois and not sure what to do if it is not there though any ideas?

oh and a second thing not is strange when looking at properties on the drive it is saying it is a scsi when it is clearly marked as IDE? that one has got me puzzled well and truley